Waffle Knit Toque - Bridge The Gap

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Bridging the Gap Campaign is back!  Thanks to our community last year we were able to donate 50 insulated toques and an additional $500 to The Main Street.  For year two we hope to double that number from last year and donate 100 insulated toques.

In partnership with DON AMERO, for every Zueike Waffle Knit toque you buy, we donate one to the Main Street Project who will put them in the hands (and on the heads) of the folks who need them most! 

Each toque comes with a sticker identifying the Bridging the Gap Campaign, making them easy yet meaningful holiday gifts.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in our community.


KEY FEATURES: Waffle Knit texture, soft weave texture, Zueike badge woven label

CROWN: Beanie

FABRIC: Acrylic

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