Bundle 1: The Luxe Carnation Tee + The Carnation Tote + Unwine Stemless Glass and Flute Bundle + Zueike Elements Bracelet

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This Carnation Collection Bundle includes our The Luxe Carnation Tee, Carnation Tote, Elements Bracelet, Unwine Stemless Glass, and Unwine Stemless Flute.

The Luxe Carnation Tee features our Carnation Collection design in purple or pink. The
purple carnation signifies admiration, respect, and royalty, while the pink carnation expresses appreciation for a mother’s love, protection, and nurturing nature. You can choose which message you want to share with your mama this Mother's Day with one of our The Luxe Carnation Tee.

The Carnation Tote also features our Carnation Collection design in purple or pink, and the Zueike logo. Made with 100% cotton, our tote is the perfect size for moms to carry their everyday essentials with them wherever they go.

Choose one of our Elements Bracelets for your bundle. The bracelet comes in four different colors, or elements, including Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. Fire represents vitality, clarity, and courage, Air for change, new beginnings, and intellect, Earth for protection, abundance, and growth, and Water for intuition, emotion, and love.

Last, the bundle includes our Unwine Stemless Glass and Unwine Stemless Flute. Help your mama relax this Mother’s Day by making her a cocktail, or mocktail, in one of our glasses!

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