Zueike \zu-we-kay\, designs and manufactures premium athletic apparel for all lifestyles. The meaning of Zueike is to, Relax, and our focus is on fit, clean designs and utilizing the best in comfort fabrics.

At Zueike, we want you to have that “indoor comfort meets outdoor style” feeling when you are working long hours at the office, about to play the biggest game of your life, studying for exams, or playing at the park with your kids.  

Our brand/company is built around community and we believe that we are all one people and one village. Every person can make a difference in their own way and we hope to slowly make an impact here locally and around the world.    

We all lead busy lives. We are constantly on the go but here at Zueike we feel it’s important to slow down, take a moment to relax and appreciate the important things in life. 

So however you relax - our team is here to help you Zueike