BH23 Spotlight - Keisha Booker

BH23 Spotlight - Keisha Booker

Meet Keisha Booker, a super-talented singer-songwriter from Winnipeg Manitoba, and curator of Soul Supreme. Keisha and her team saw a gap in the R&B scene here in Winnipeg so they decided to make a space dedicated to fellow R&B lovers like themselves - bridging the gap between community, culture, and creativity.

Keisha speaks about her musical journey, from starting in the studio with her parents as a child, moving to Spain, and then to Soul Supreme in Winnipeg. “Music is the soundtrack of my life, I have a playlist for every mood.”

B.History to Keisha means being the change you want to see. Rather than talking about what's not there, create your own space and you’ll attract a community you want to be around. With Keisha Booker’s talent and creativity, it’s no wonder why she has become such an influential figure in the music industry.

Watch the full interview below!!


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