I Am The Future - Her

I Am The Future - Her

We are so excited to introduce our latest partnership to you.

Zueike, I am The Future, is our newest initiative to support future leaders in our community. Our first partnership is with Sport Manitoba and their Female Mentorship Program to create the, I am The Future, her campaign. This program is designed to empower young coaches in Manitoba through meaningful mentee/mentor pairings. 

Community is very important to us at Zueike. This program provides an opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches in Manitoba, while also providing them with a supportive environment where they can develop their skills and confidence. This is an exciting initiative that will help cultivate future leaders in sport, while also providing invaluable resources for those looking to pursue a career in coaching or mentorship.

We believe in the power of her. We see it every day and recognize the impact it has on the up-and-coming generations. We also know the power of sport, whether it be positive or negative, it's a force. One way to allow women to excel positively in sport is for them to be seen and supported. We know that women in sport = women in sport. 

 All the proceeds from the I Am the Future her hoodie will go towards the Female Mentorship Program and the money will be used to buy items like clothing or equipment for the coaches. 

This program will be starting September 2023 - giving enough time to find appropriate participants and pairings. 

If you know anyone who you believe would be a good fit (either as a mentor or mentee), please send them the information about this program which can be found HERE

Any questions you may have can be sent to mac@zueike.com or susan.lamboo@sportmanitoba.ca

Thank you to Amber and Susan at Sport Manitoba for making this happen! We’re excited to see what young coaches we can bring into the coaching community. 

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