Uzoma Asagwara

Meet Uzoma Asagwara!

In honour of #blackhistorymonth we are sharing some #Winnipeg leaders who are making their mark on history!

Today we spotlight @uzomachioma Politician, Community Advocate, Public Speaker, Registered Psychiatric Nurse.

In 2019, Asagwara won the seat as MLA for Manitoba’s Union Station and is the first Black, and queer, gender non conforming MLA to ever win in #manitoba ’s 150-year-history.

If you have met Uzoma, you know them as kind, ambitious, hardworking and proud to represent a diverse and dynamic community, hoping that others be proud and confident to celebrate who they are and to dream big.

We applaud Asagwara's effort in talking about important issues like mental health, creating safer spaces and fighting for equity.

We love that Uzoma lives with the philosophy that they have gotten to where they are in life because of who they are, not despite who they are.

Thank you Uzoma for embracing your identity and inspiring us to #bhistory

Uzoma's Shirt- B.History "Voice of the People" JUSTICE tee


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