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Article: Abraham Daniels

Abraham Daniels

Meet Abraham Daniels!

Today we spotlight @abraham_daniels, Manager of Robotics & Intelligent Automation of Deloitte - Omina, AI. 

Abraham is a technology strategist who operates at the intersection of business and technology.  As a leader is Deloitte’s Robotics and Intelligent Automation practice, Abraham helps his client’s enable the capabilities of future tech while navigating the disruptive nature of cognitive technologies.

For those that know Abraham, they know that an encounter with him is either going to end in a laugh or a passionate conversation. As a former athlete, Abraham strives to exemplify the lessons provided to him by his coaches – have fun, work hard and be disciplined.

As a member of the BPTN (Black Professionals in Tech Network), Abraham is passionate about opening doors to young professionals that may not have otherwise been available.

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit” – Mark S Truman

Thank you Abraham for inspiring us to #bhistory
Abraham's Midnight Crew- B.History fist raised brick